Bacon & egg chilli naan breakfast

I got inspired to make this by the dish at dishoom! However, I have added a few extra touches of my own. It’s something a bit different but still so tasty for a brunch!

Ingredients: makes 3

6 rashers of streaky bacon (if you do not eat meat/ pork I would recommend the “this is not bacon” veggie free bacon)

3 eggs

3 naan breads (I used Greek flatbreads as they have a similar taste and are softer )

1 clove of garlic, chopped

A handful of coriander

1 tbsp oil/ garlic oil

Nigella seeds (optional)

A few tbsp Philadelphia cream cheese (I use the light version)

A few tbsp chilli jam (you can make your own but I use the brand Stokes/ whichever brand they have in the supermarket)

1 green chilli, chopped

A sprinkle of turmeric and chilli powder (optional)


1. Start by frying the bacon. A tip for bacon- place the bacon with NO OIL in a cold pan then switch the heat on. As the pan heats it will melt the fat and therefore there is no need for any extra oil. Cook the bacon on a high heat and flip over when the underside is crispy. Continue to cook until crispy all over. (For the veggie bacon just fry in a pan with a little bit of oil both sides for a few minutes).

2. Then make 3 fried eggs- the best and healthiest way of doing this is to add a little oil / spray oil to the pan. Then crack in the eggs. Then put on high heat and add a lid to the pan. Cook for a further few minutes- this will insure that the top of the egg is cooked but still runny.

3. Warm up the naan/ pitta in a pan.

4. Then mix together the garlic oil/ regular oil, chopped garlic and a few leaves of chopped coriander to make it a garlic naan. Spread this on the naan bread. Top with some nigella seeds.

5. Then spread on a little Philadelphia and chilli jam to the bread.

6. Then add the eggs and bacon.

7. Finally add the coriander, chopped chilli, chilli and turmeric powder.

Enjoy! X

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