Passionfruit martini

……Shaken, not stirred. This is my all time FAVOURITE cocktail (it also has a more crude name but we’re keeping this PG). For the best taste, try to get hold of some vanilla flavoured vodka (the two most common are Smirnoff Vanilla and Absolute Vanilla found at the big supermarkets). Also the passionfruit syrup is essential- I used this one. This is traditionally served in a tall martini glass, but use whatever glass you want. You will also need a shot glass and cocktail shaker for this recipe (you can find cheap ones online).

* For a non alcoholic version, swap the vodka for a juice such as Rubicon passion fruit juice or apple juice.

Ingredients: (makes 2)

  • A few ice cubes
  • A few slices of pineapple (optional)
  • Vanilla vodka (use 1 or 2 shots per person)
  • 3 passion fruits, halved (saving 2 halves for decoration)
  • 2 shots of passionfruit syrup
  • Tonic water (I used Fever Tree elderflower tonic water)


  1. In the cocktail shaker, add some cubed ice and the pineapple slices if using.IMG_1542IMG_1543
  2. Add 2 or 4 shots of the vanilla vodka to this (depending on whether you want each drink to be a double or single).
  3. Then scoop out and add the seeds from the 4 halves of passionfruit.IMG_1546
  4. Add 2 shots of the passion fruit syrup to the shaker.IMG_1548
  5. Put the lid on the shaker and shake it up (James Bond style).
  6. Divide the mix (pour through the filter on the cocktail shaker) into 2 glasses. Don’t worry if some of the passionfruit seeds get through into the glass.
  7. Top up the glasses with the tonic water. Stir well.IMG_2312
  8. Place the remaining 2 passionfruit halves on top of each cocktail so that it floats. Serve immediately (traditionally served with a shot of prosecco on the side)

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