Chocolate ‘bark’

You can add any toppings that you want to this- it is also perfect as a last minute Christmas present.


-Chocolate (you can use whatever you want/ have, but I used one bar of Green & Blacks dark chocolate, mixed with a Lindt milk chocolate chocolate teddy)

-Toppings (I used dried cranberries, pistachios, chopped hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, toasted dried coconut, flaked almonds and some sea salt)


1) Get a baking tray and line with baking parchment or cling film.


2)Melt your chocolate. Put the chocolate in a bowl over some boiling water in a pan and stir until melted.



2) Spread the chocolate, whilst still warm onto the baking tray.


3) Add your toppings- be as quick as possible, before your chocolate starts to cool down.


4) Put the chocolate into the fridge for a few hours until set. Then break the chocolate up into shards.



I’ve made a relatively ‘healthy’ bark but you can also add other toppings such as: popcorn, toffee pieces, chilli flakes, marshmallows and pretzels.

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