Orange G&T

After coming back from a gin tasting class in Spain, I was inspired to try my own flavours of gin. I decided to try out the new Tanqueray sevilla gin, made from Seville oranges, to give a lovely fruity summery taste to the gin. I use some tips below that I picked up during the class. I learnt that despite not wanting to ruin your lipstick, you should never drink gin from a straw as it does not allow you to fully appreciate the aroma or taste supposedly.IMG_7459

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 35ml gin (each)- keep the gin in the fridge prior to making the drink, for best results
  • 85ml cold tonic (each)
  • 1 orange- cut into 2 slices and some peel removed
  • Ice


  1. Get 2 large gin glasses, if you have them (called a Copa de Balon glass).
  2. Fill each 3/4 of the way with cubed ice. A tip I learnt at the class is to swirl the glass a few times with the ice in it, to make the whole glass cool before adding the drink.
  3. Then add the gin, followed by the tonic. When pouring the gin and tonic, pour it directly onto the ice, as another technique to cool it down.
  4. Get the orange peel and squeeze it a few times in your had, to release the aroma. Then swipe this around the rim of each glass for fragrance and taste.
  5. Finish off the drink with the orange wedge.IMG_7462

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