DIY hot chocolate jars

Hot chocolate in winter- name a better combo. These cute little jars are super easy to make and can be enjoyed all winter.

Ingredients: (makes 3)

  • Hot chocolate powder- you can use any but I used Cadbury’s
  • Toppings for the hot chocolate- I used chocolate curls, gold and silver stars, mini marshmallows and fudge pieces

You will also need 3 clean jars (I thoroughly washed 3 used jam jars) but you can use any old jar/ buy them. If you can get hold of American mason jars, they look great in these. You can also decorate the jars with some string and a gift tag for the instructions.


  1. Make sure the jars are washed thoroughly and dried well.IMG_2194
  2. Look at the back of the hot chocolate packet. Put the powder into the jars accordingly (the amount needed for 1 cup/mugs worth). I used 2 tsp of powder per jar.IMG_2195
  3. Then add the toppings, on top of the hot chocolate powder. IMG_2203IMG_2206IMG_2210
  4. Close the jar and tie round the string if using.
  5. On the gift tag, tell the user to simply pour hot milk into the jar and stir until perfection.IMG_2299.JPG

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