Orange & pomegranate sangria

Sangria is the perfect summer drink, mixing wine and fruits to make a dreamy Spanish cocktail. It is so versatile, as many different combinations can be used, depending on what you like. The basic steps to make any sangria are:

  1. Choose the wine: red, white or rosé
  2. Choose a juice: Such as orange, pomegranate, apple or pineapple
  3. Add a mixer: Such as lemonade or ginger ale
  4. More alcohol: You can add something stronger like an orange liquor, brandy or sherry
  5. Garnish: Add slices of fruit and herbs (usually the fruit which matches the juice that you have used) 
  6. ICE ice baby

*To make this non- alcoholic, just use the same combinations above, but skip the alcohol (Juice + mixer + garnish + ice)

Some combinations ideas are-

White peach & basil sangria: White wine + white peach juice + ginger ale + peach slices + basil leaves

Pineapple mojito sangria: White wine + pineapple juice + lilt or a tropical fizzy drink + brandy + pineapple chunks + mint

Strawberry & lime sangria: Rosé wine + lime juice + lemon & lime lemonade + berry flavoured vodka + strawberry and lime slices

I love using red wine, as not many other drinks use it in a cocktail. So I used:

Pomegranate & orange sangria: Red wine + pomegranate juice + orange juice + cloudy lemonade + orange and lemon slices, pomegranate and mint


  • 3 parts red wine (use a Spanish one if you can: they are tempranillo or rioja types)
  • 1 part orange juice
  • 1 part pomegranate juice (I used the pom brand)
  • 1 part cloudy lemonade
  • Ice
  • Mint leaves
  • Sliced fruit, I used sliced oranges, lemons and pomegranate


  1. Add the mint and sliced fruit to a jug. With the end of a rolling pin, ‘muddle’ and mash together a little, to release some of the fruit’s juices.IMG_0657
  2. Add ice to the jug.
  3. Pour in the red wine, orange juice, pomegranate juice and lemonade according to their ratio.IMG_4338Serve in Spanish style; cold with tapas and paella.

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