Elderflower G&T

This is my twist on the classic G&T. Adding the elderflower cordial adds a sweet and refreshing note. A tip for maximum taste: put the bottle of gin into the freezer before making this cocktail, to cool the spirit. If you cannot find elderflower flavoured tonic water, just use the regular one.

Ingredients: (makes 1)img_0383


  1. In a cocktail shaker put in some ice, the gin, the elderflower cordial and apple juice. Shake well. If you do not have a cocktail maker, then just mix this altogether in a separate glass, without the ice.
  2. In a large gin glass, put a few blocks of cubed ice. Pour in the gin and elderflower mixture.
  3. Top up the glass with the tonic water.
  4. Give the cocktail a stir.
  5. Top with the mint sprig.Cheers!

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