Millionaire’s milkshake


2016-02-04 00.13.44

– A few scoops of caramel vanilla (or a similar) ice cream

-Semi-skimmed milk

-Whipped cream

-Chocolate sauce

-Butterscotch/ caramel/ toffee sauce

-Millionaire’s shortbread

-Mason jars (to serve)


1) To make the milkshake, blend together the milk and ice cream. I usually add about 1/3 ice cream to 2/3 milk. Add more ice cream if you want your milkshake to be thicker.

2016-02-04 00.14.25

2) In the mason jars, squeeze the chocolate and caramel sauces so that they run down the side of the jars.

2016-02-04 00.16.362016-02-04 00.16.14

3)Pour in the milkshake.

2016-02-04 00.14.53

4)Add whipped cream.

2016-02-04 00.15.17

5)Generously drizzle the sauces over the cream.

2016-02-04 00.15.41

6)Add the millionaire’s shortbread and any other toppings that you want.

2016-01-18 19.58.24



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