Halloween recipes

Halloween has always been a fun day for me during my childhood, because it’s the day before my birthday. I’ve had many Halloween parties over the years because of this, and today I thought I’d share some ideas and recipes that you can use to make a fun & spooky party (not just for kids !!)

Scary Mexican peppers- recipe is already on the blog (under Mexican stuffed peppers). I just carved faces into the peppers before baking. I put this on a bed of black rice (got mine from Holland and Barrett).

Bloody red velvet cupcakes- I used the hummingbird cupcake recipe for this (found on google) and then just drizzled strawberry sauce (found where the ice cream cones are in supermarkets) over them to resemble blood.

Ghostly white chocolate strawberries – Simply melt white chocolate over a pan of boiling water. Dunk the strawberries in this and top with chocolate chips to resemble eyes and face of a ghost. Place the strawberries on a tray on greaseproof paper, then refrigerate until set.

Mummified garlic bread- Buy garlic bread slices from the supermarket and cook according to packet instructions. Then get pre grated mozerella and place so that the strands are overlapping to resemble mummies. Place 2 olive slices on top for the eyes.

Guacamouldy & tortillas- Mash avocados with a clove of garlic, onion, tomatoes, lime juice, salt and pepper. Serve with tortillas.

Finger foods & dead man’s cold meats- Arrange a platter of crudités and meats.

Apple & almond butter trolls teeth- Simply cut slices of apple, once you have removed the core. Spread the insides with almond butter (or peanut butter). Place marshmallows on one slice to resemble teeth. Then sandwich the other slice on top.

Terrifying tangerines– Just use a sharpie permanent marker to draw a pumpkin style face on the tangerine.

Tips- It’s always nice to make a Halloween menu. I used the app Canva to do this. I got Halloween themed plates, napkins and cupcake cases from Asda and pumpkins to carve from Tesco.

Happy Halloween, have a spooky one xxx

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